Sustainable Solutions: Recycling Scrap Li-ion Batteries

We are recycler's of Scrap Li-ion batteries,


Lithium battery mainly consists of shell, positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte and diaphragm. The positive electrode is formed by coating lithium cobaltate powder on two sides of an aluminium foil current collector through PVDF which plays a bonding role;The negative electrode structure is similar to the positive electrode and consists of carbon powder bonded to both sides of the copper foil current collector. At present, the research on the recycling of waste lithium batteries is mainly focused on the recovery of high-value anode precious metals cobalt and lithium. Copper in the negative electrode of waste lithium battery (content up to 35%) is an important production raw material widely used.Carbon powder adhered to it can be used as additives such as plastics and rubber. Based on the structural characteristics of lithium batteries, our company adopts an environmentally-friendly physical separation process to realize efficient separation and recovery of waste lithium batteries.


The lithium battery recycling production line is used for dismantling and recycling the Soft package battery, cell phone battery, Shell


The final products of Used Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Machine Mobile Battery Recycling is graphite powder, cobalt acid lithium,


Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Machine Mobile Battery Recycling adopts water spray facility and activated carbon device used to absorb odors and pulse dust collectors for dust adsorption .

Aluminium and copper. battery, Cylindrical battery etc. Different types of lithium batteries have different recycling procedures. Please contact us for detailed configuration.